☽ Moonfire ☾


Three months in the making, Moonfire is a collection inspired by the beauty and magic of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. I've spent a great deal of time sourcing some of the most stunning pieces of both high-grade Sunstone from Sweden, as well as high-grade Moonstone from India and Sri Lanka. Both stones are filled with incredible flashes and sparkles of colour, dancing in the light like a sky full of twinkling stars.


Each design in the collection features one of these stones, often combining the two to create the perfect balance to represent day and night. This is also a collection I have worked on both during daylight and nighttime hours, perfectly encapsulating the magic of both into each piece as it is created.


Like everything I make, every piece in Moonfire is a complete one of a kind, made by hand from recycled fine silver and sterling silver, ethically sourced gems and eco-friendly practices. Each design will also be complimented by accents made from recycled brass, including little celestial accents like Moons and Stars, crafted by hand and hammer. The collection is comprised of 49 pieces, including both single-stone and multi-stone rings, pendants and pairs of earrings. Ring sizes range from a size 4 to a size 12, and sizes are based on both previous sales and past size requests. Please note that as each piece is completely unique, once it sells it will not be available again.