☽𖥧 The Midnight Meadow 𖥧☾

☽𖥧 The Midnight Meadow 𖥧☾

A collection of handcrafted pieces inspired by fields of deep green, illuminated by the moonlight shining through a misty, midnight-blue sky.

Featuring ethically sourced Moonstone Black Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Black Onyx, and Labradorite.

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✦ The Aurora Collection ✦

✦ The Aurora Collection ✦

Aurora is a collection of handcrafted pieces with gems that sparkle and shimmer in the light. Each design evokes images of twilight skies, shimmering pools of water, and pastel rainbows.

Featuring natural Moonstone, Red Jasper & ethically sourced Opals, along with created Aurora Opals & Angel Aura Quartz. The perfect representation of how nature and modern-day alchemy come together.

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Stacking Ring Update ♥

Stacking Ring Update ♥

15 new stone options for Stacking Rings have have just been added to the collection. These include Hematite, Hessonite Garnet, Dendritic Opal, Lavender Jade, Baltic Amber and many more.

As always, each piece is created entirely by hand, made to order over 3-5 business days from a combination of recycled sterling silver and fine silver.

Meet the new Stacking Rings here.

Slow Made by Hand & Hammer

Each Gem & Tonik Creation is handcrafted from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly & Cruelty-Free

Using ethically sourced precious & semi-precious stones, as well as recylced precious metals like sterling silver, fine silver & gold.

Created using basic hand tools.

Gem & Tonik pieces are made without moulds, prefabricated parts or machinery.

Capturing Nature, History & Legend.

Every design is a complete one of a kind.