✦ Aurora ✦


Longing to work with pastel hues like sky blue, lilac and baby pink, I've been on quite the hunt trying locate stones that best represent these dreams of colour. This collection was first inspired by all the things that shimmering crystals remind me of; the subtle colours of a twilight sky, the wings of faeries, the rainbows that fill my garden after the rain, and the glittering shine of shallow water when the sun hits it. It's evolved to represent those things and so much more, as I've come to hold a deep appreciation for the stones I've collected and how they are created.

Aurora is, to me, the perfect representation of how nature and modern-day alchemy come together. It features untreated gems such as MoonstoneQuartz and ethically sourced Opals, and combines it with created gems such as Angel Aura Quartz (natural Quartz fused with Gold), and slices of Red Jasper & Aurora Opals under faceted pieces of Moonstone or Quartz. Though artificially enhanced by modern techniques, these crystals utilize the ancient powers of alchemy and synergy, transformations that intensify the properties of its original elements of each stone, as well as create unique energies of their own.

Unlike previous collections, Aurora will be released in parts. Each piece will be created entirely by hand, using recycled sterling silver and fine silver, as well as hints of 14k rose gold. As with all my work, each creation in Aurora is a one of a kind, so once it sells it will not be available again. 


Part 3 of Aurora: Coming 2023.