The Gaia Ring Stack of the Earth - Moonstone, Prehnite & Moss Agate - Made to Order

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This Ring Stack is inspired by Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth, and Ancestral Mother to all living things. It is comprised of three rings, crafted by hand with high-grade semi-precious stones, fine silver and sterling silver. These gems have been meticulously chosen and researched based on their history, connection to each other, and the metaphysical properties each stone has been said to hold both in the present day and in cultures throughout history.

The Gaia Ring Stack features a 3mm Moonstone on a 1.4mm ring band, a 5mm Prehnite on a 2.5mm twisted band, and a 4mm Moss Agate on a 1.4mm band. To order, simply select your ring size from the drop-down menu, and I will then create a ring stack especially for you. Like all my work, these rings are made entirely by hand, using recycled silver, environmentally friendly methods and cruelty-free materials. Each ring can either be stacked together or worn separately, making them the perfect little family to adorn your fingers and bring a connection to the Earth and nature into your life.

🤍 Moonstone from Sri Lanka: For opening the heart to nurturing qualities, aiding in growth and renewal. Also, for protection against negative energies, and aligning you to the female energy of the universe and the energy of the moon and its cycles.
💚Prehnite from Wave Hill, NT, Australia: For creating a relaxing environment and allowing you to feel in harmony with the nature. Promotes a connection with the wild and with spirits and creatures of the earth.
💚Moss Agate from Brazil: For opening lines of communications between you and spirits of nature, facilitating a connection to the wild world. Also, for boosting the health and yield of plants around you, and for appreciating the beauty of nature.

★ Please Note: As these stacks are made to order, they take approximately 3 business days to create. The completed rings in the photos are a guide as to how each piece will look, but as each stone is natural, each finished stacking set will be unique and made especially for you. If you'd like to see examples of the variations in colour or patterns of each gemstone, you can peruse the other stacking rings I have on my website, or watch my Instagram stories, where I share videos of completed pieces daily before posting them out to their forever homes.

✨ The Goddess Gaia:
The Goddess Gaia is a figure from Greek mythology. She is the Goddess and personification of the Earth, and the Ancestral Mother to all living things. She was the first of the immortals, born of chaos before the Earth existed and all other gods and goddesses ruled the Ancient world. As soon as she arose, Gaia ruled over Mount Olympus, overseeing the Earth and creating the oceans, botanic life and mountains we know today. After spending centuries alone as the only living creature, she became so lonely that she created other gods to help her rule. Uranus was created to oversee the sky and heaven, Pontus to oversee the ocean and Ourea to take over the mountains. She then created the animals, humans and every other form of life.
During her reign as the Mother Goddess, Gaia is said to have birthed many other children. She gave life to the Time and the Fates, tree nymphs, sea deities and the giants, as well as Uranus, Zeus and the first Titan Cronus. She was also mother to Aether (the night) and Hemera (the day).
One legend of Gaia is that she was the creator of the sacred precinct of Delphi. She transformed into a tree, standing in the center of town where she spoke to a stone. The stone then came to life, creating the sacred city at her request.
In early artwork, Gaia is depicted sometimes as a beautiful young woman and also sometimes as an older, wise and matronly figure. She is usually surrounded by nature or other deities that are her children and is shown as a woman with infinite love and compassion for the world around her.

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