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Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Made to Order
Your Custom Azurite Ring - Sterling Silver

Your Custom Azurite Ring - Made to Order

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This listing is for a custom Azurite Ring, crafted by hand especially for you. These stones are stunning, and are blended with either Chrysocolla or Malachite (a process where two or more crystals of similar chemical compositions grow together). I've listed the compositions of each stone and their measurements below.

To order, simply select the number of your favourite piece of Azurite from the drop-down menu, and enter your ring size in the text box above it. I will then create your very own Gem & Tonik custom piece over three business days.

This particular ring design features a solid sterling silver 11 gauge (2.5mm) ring band, a thick sterling silver hand-sawed backing, and a fine silver bezel around the stone. The ring is then sanded smooth, set with your chosen piece of high-grade Azurite, then polished to a high shine. Each piece is made entirely by hand using cruelty-free materials and environmentally friendly methods.

*Please note that the completed rings in the photos are a guide as to how each piece will look, but as each stone is different, each finished piece will be unique! Stones will be set in the same way that they are laid out on my fingers in the photos. If you'd like me to set them horizontally, just send me a message after purchasing to let me know. :)

Stone Measurements:
- Stone 1(Azurite & Malachite): 14.5mm x 10mm approx.
- Stone 2 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 16mm x 11mm approx.
- Stone 3 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 15.5mm x 13mm approx.
- Stone 4 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 16mm x 16mm approx.
- Stone 5 (Azurite & Malachite): 17mm x 13mm approx.
- Stone 6 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 17mm x 10mm approx.
- Stone 7 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 18mm x 13mm approx.
- Stone 8 (Azurite & Malachite): 18mm x 13mm approx.
- Stone 9 (Azurite & Malachite): 16mm x 14mm approx.
- Stone 10 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 16mm x 11mm approx.
- Stone 11 (Azurite & Chrysocolla): 18mm x 13.5mm approx.

The gemstone Azurite had a rich history in ancient times. The ancient Chinese called it the 'Stone of Heaven,' believing it to open celestial gateways. To the inhabitants of Atlantis and the early Egyptians, Azurite was considered to be an extremely potent psychic stone. It was shrouded in mystery and its secrets were known only to the highest priests and priestesses. It was also revered by Greeks and Romans for its healing powers.
One of the main properties of Azurite is that it is thought to temper the mind, releasing confusion, stress and worry. It helps with indecision and doubt, restoring control and balance over emotions. It is generally considered to be a stone that releases its energy through constant touch, and so rubbing a piece of Azurite is thought to help aid its uses.
As well having these properties, Azurite is also help to assist with study, learning and general multi-tasking in life. It does this by enhancing focus, concentration and improving memory.

Well known to ancient Egyptians, Malachite mines were in use between the Suez and Sinai as early as 4000 B.C. Malachite was also popular with the Ancient Greeks and Romans for jewellery, ornaments and in powdered form, for eye shadow. Malachite was believed to protect against the 'Evil Eye' and to cure against various ailments. Russian Czars used Malachite for ornaments and panelling for their castles, and intricate inlay work.
One of the greatest properties of Malachite is protection, from both the physical and spiritual realm. Other properties include helping one to make change, creativity, enhancing the development of intuition, and to aid emotional healing. Keep Malachite with you to protect you whilst traveling or when undertaking tasks that may take a physical or psychological toll on your body.

In history, Chrysocolla was used by Native American Indians for healing. It was thought that the stone strengthened the body’s resistance and also calmed the mind. Today, Chrysocolla is thought to have many properties. The most commonly known is that it is a stone of communication; amazing for self-expression and creative areas like art and music. It also is a calming stone, emphasizing peace, compassion and strength of character.
Chrysocolla is also thought to be effective at attracting love. As well as this, the stone combats loneliness, increases creativity, provides stability and heightens inner strength.

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