The Hathor Stack of Passion & Sensuality - Ruby, Garnet & Moonstone - Made to Order

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This Ring Stack is inspired by Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Women, Joy, Dance, Fertility and Sexuality. It is comprised of three rings, crafted by hand with high-grade semi-precious stones, fine silver and sterling silver. These gems have been meticulously chosen and researched based on their history, connection to each other, and the metaphysical properties each stone has been said to hold both in the present day and in cultures throughout history.

The Hathor Ring Stack features a 5mm Moonstone on a 1.4mm ring band, a 5mm rose cut Ruby on a 2.5mm twisted band, and a 3mm Garnet on a 1.4mm band. To order, simply select your ring size from the drop-down menu, and I will then create a ring stack especially for you. Like all my work, these rings are made entirely by hand, using recycled silver, environmentally friendly methods and cruelty-free materials. Each ring can either be stacked together or worn separately, making them the perfect little family to adorn your fingers and bring passion into your life.

💗 Garnet from NT, Australia: for increasing passion, inspiring love, balancing the sex drive, enhancing sexuality and bestowing self-confidence.
❤️ Ruby from Harts Range, NT: for instilling confidence, balancing the heart, encouraging passion, joy and a zest for life, and imparting potency and vigor.
🤍 Moonstone from India: for attracting love and lust, revealing feminine power and increasing intimacy, sensuality, romance and passion.

★ Please Note: As these stacks are made to order, they take approximately 3 business days to create. The completed rings in the photos are a guide as to how each piece will look, but as each stone is natural, each finished stacking set will be unique and made especially for you. If you'd like to see examples of the variations in colour or patterns of each gemstone, you can peruse the other stacking rings I have on my website, or watch my Instagram stories, where I share videos of completed pieces daily before posting them out to their forever homes.

✨ The Goddess Hathor:
Hathor is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Women, Joy, Dance, Fertility and Sexuality. She is a sky goddess, known as 'Lady of Stars', and is one of the oldest Egyptian deities depicted in ancient art, having a temple along the banks of the Nile on a site that has been sacred to her for over ten thousand years. Most of her priests and followers were musicians, dancers and artists. As a river goddess, Hathor was also aligned with lotus flowers and the four that adorn her head represent the position of the heart chakra. She embodies fertility: her bovine face was symbolic of a womb, with her ears depicted where the fallopian tubes enter the uterus. A cervix and vagina were implied beneath her chin.
As the Goddess of Women, Hathor has power over anything to do with them, including health, beauty, matters of the heart and sex. She was deeply loved by the general population in Ancient Egypt, especially by women who aspired to embody her multifaceted role as lover, wife and mother. She was considered to be the incarnation of dance and sexuality, and was given the epithet “Hand of God” (referring to the act of masturbation) and “Lady of the Vulva”. One myth tells that the Sun God Ra had become so despondent that he refused to speak to anyone. Hathor danced before him, exposing her naked body, which caused him to laugh out loud and return to good spirits.
It was believed that Hathor viewed sex was one of the most exciting parts of the human experience, and an area of our greatest vitality and beauty. She represented the female sexual impulse and the liberated woman, and used sex magic as a powerful religious sacrament. As the mistress of tantric sex, Hathor showed her followers how to tune in to their emotional and sexual desires. Romantic love then, was more than just carnal pleasure—it was a way of reaching a higher state of mind-body consciousness and creating a deeper, more harmonious bond with our partners.

💎 Crystal Healing Disclaimer:
Please keep in mind that all information and recommendations on the metaphysical properties of stones are published on my website in good faith, and are based on anecdotal evidence I have gathered through various recourses including legend and myth from past centuries. Crystals should never be used as a substitute for conventional medical or psychological treatment, and I cannot claim they cure or heal medical conditions. Please always listen to the advice of your medical professional and only use crystals as a complimentary therapy in addition to medical treatment.

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