The Brynhildr Ring Stack of Protection - Baltic Amber, Tiger's Eye & Smoky Quartz - Made to Order

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This Ring Stack is inspired by Brynhildr, the Norse Shield Maiden, Goddess of War & leader of the Valkyries. It is comprised of three rings, crafted by hand with high-grade semi-precious stones, fine silver and sterling silver. These gems have been meticulously chosen and researched based on their history, connection to each other, and the metaphysical properties each stone has been said to hold both in the present day and in cultures throughout history.

The Brynhildr Ring Stack features a 4mm Baltic Amber on a 1.4mm ring band, a 4mm Tiger's Eye on a 2.5mm twisted band, and a 5mm Smoky Quartz on a 1.4mm band. To order, simply select your ring size from the drop-down menu, and I will then create a ring stack especially for you. Like all my work, these rings are made entirely by hand, using recycled silver, environmentally friendly methods and cruelty-free materials. Each ring can either be stacked together or worn separately, making them the perfect little family to adorn your fingers and bring protection into your life.

🤎 Baltic Amber from Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia: for physical protection from illness, and offering protection from psychic attacks and dark energy. Used by the Vikings as protection talismans during battle.
🤎 Tiger's Eye from South Africa: for heightening perception of danger, warding off evil, and promoting courage and clear thinking to deal with stressful situations. Also, for grounding and reconnecting you with where you need to be.
🤎 Smoky Quartz from Madagascar: for emotional protection, the removal of negative energy, and the relief of stress and anxiety. It is also believed that Smoky Quartz can provide protection from pollution, electromagnetic smog and radiation.

★ Please Note: As these stacks are made to order, they take approximately 3 business days to create. The completed rings in the photos are a guide as to how each piece will look, but as each stone is natural, each finished stacking set will be unique and made especially for you. If you'd like to see examples of the variations in colour or patterns of each gemstone, you can peruse the other stacking rings I have on my website, or watch my Instagram stories, where I share videos of completed pieces daily before posting them out to their forever homes.

✨ The Goddess Brynhildr:
Brynhildr is the Norse Goddess of War, and a shield-maiden, and is often considered to be the leader of the Valkyries. In some texts she is also described as being the daughter of the principal god Odin, and in other texts she is the Queen of Iceland. Brynhildr is described as being incredibly beautiful, with delicate body and mystical long white hair with a teal tinge, reminiscent of the night sky. It was said that she would enter battle clad in sparkling silver armor. Brynhildr was said also be very clever, which caused Odin to make her one of his Valkyries when she came-of-age. As a Valkyrie, Brynhildr was responsible for watching over battlefields and collecting the best warriors to make up Odin’s army, which he was said to unleash during Ragnarok. Whilst she was guiding warriors to Valhalla, there was one occasion when she allowed a warrior to gain entry against Odins wishes. In reaction, Odin was furious and cursed her into a long sleep in a hall engulfed in flame at the summit of Mt. Hindarfjalls. She was rescued by the hero Sigurd, who released Brynhildr from the curse with his demonic sword Gram. They fell in love, but their love was ill-fated due to the jealousy of others, tragically leading to both of their deaths. Despite this sad end, it was said that Brynhildr's love for Sigurd was so great that she challenged the female giant of the Underworld in order to reunite with him.

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