Pink Ethiopian Opal Ring - Size 7 1/2

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This handcrafted statement ring a stunning rose cut Ethiopian Opal that is ethically sourced from the Wollo Province in north-eastern Ethiopia. This Opal is the most gorgeous shade of pink, and is filled with beautiful flashes of colour when the light hits it. The stone itself measures approximately 10.5mm x 9mm, and the ring setting has been made with a solid sterling silver 14 gauge (1.6mm) ring band, a thick sterling silver hand-sawed backing, and a fine silver serrated bezel around the stone. It's then been sanded smooth, and polished to a high shine. Like all my work, this ring is a completely unique piece made entirely by hand, using recycled precious metals, cruelty-free materials and environmentally-friendly methods.

I have created this ring in a size 7 1/2 (Australian size O 1/2).

💍 Please Note: This Opal is has a slight chip on one of its sides, and I have taken this into account and reduced the price by $15 because of this. It's not something that is really visible to the naked eye, and does not affect the integrity of the stone. The Opal is still smooth to touch and full of the incredible colours that you can see most visible in the listing video.

The Roman historian, Pliny the Elder described the Opal as a precious stone containing the fire of a Garnet, the resplendent purple of the Amethyst, and the sea-green glory of the Emerald. In Ancient times Opal was considered to be the most magical and mysterious gemstone, able to heal the body, provide luck, and strengthen the mind.
Opals help to calm their wearers, easing stress and depression. They are helpful with issues with anxiety, restless thoughts and racing minds, as they center the mind and promote positive dreams. As well as this, Opals are a wonderful protection stone, shielding the wearer from other peoples negative thoughts and energies. It is thought to be greatly beneficial when venturing into dangerous places.
Opals are also very seductive stones, associated with love, desire and passion.

✨ Please note that natural Ethiopian Opals are created from volcanic activity (compared with Australian Opals that are formed in sea beds), and as such are referred to as “hydrophane opals.”. The word "hydrophane" comes from a Greek word that means "water-loving" as Ethiopian Opals are naturally adsorbent of water or liquids. If submerged in water for too long, these Opals can absorb the liquid like a sponge, temporarily losing their flashes of colour and turning them a more translucent pink. If this happens, simply remove your ring from the water source, and the Opal will go back to normal once it is completely dry. As with all jewellery set with natural gemstones, it's always recommended to remove all pieces while washing your hands, using hand sanitiser, cleaning with chemicals, bathing and undergoing strenuous activity.

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