Rose Cut Clear Quartz & Monarch Opal Ring - Size 11 1/4

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This handcrafted ring features a beautiful piece of rose cut Himalayan Clear Quartz that sits above a slice of pastel rainbow Monarch Opal, allowing the colours from the Opal to shine through the quartz and change colour in the most magical way, depending on where the light hits the stone. Like all my work, this ring is a complete one of a kind, made using recycled silver, cruelty-free materials, ethically sourced crystals and environmentally friendly methods.

I have created this ring in a size 11 1/4 (Australian size W).

Total Ring Face Length: 14mm approx.
Total Ring Face Width: 13.5mm approx.

♥ Ring Features:
⦁ Rose cut Clear Quartz above a slice of pastel rainbow Monarch Opal.
⦁ 925 sterling silver 5mm floral ring band.
⦁ Thick 925 sterling silver backing.
⦁ 999 fine silver serrated bezel around the stone.
⦁ 925 sterling silver twisted trim.
⦁ Oxidised darker in parts for contrast.
⦁ Polished to a high shine.
⦁ Precious metals used are nickel-free.

♥ Handcrafted:
⦁ Created by hand in Melbourne, Australia.
⦁ Crafted entirely from scratch, without machinery or ring moulds.
⦁ Created using traditional metalsmithing techniques (hammers, fire, anvil etc).

♥ Uniqueness:
⦁ A complete one of a kind piece.
⦁ All precious metals used have been recycled.
⦁ Each stone is handpicked and ethically sourced.
⦁ No chemicals are used in the creating process.
⦁ Each piece is created with respect and love for the Earth.

Himalayan Quartz is a rare and ancient variety of Quartz that formed within the Himalayan Mountains, running through Nepal and Bhutan, and creating the border between India and China. It is almost always gathered by hand, due to the fact that it is near impossible for machinery and heavy tools to reach the mountains where they are found. The majority of Himalayan Quartz gathered has a smoky look or is full of red Hematite inclusions, but the rarest and most beautiful pieces found are so clear that you can see through them completely.
In regard to their history, Quartz crystals have been thought of as a source of light to mankind since ancient times. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as scientists, quartz crystals have played a key role in our development over the last few thousand years. Cultures like the Native American Indians, African tribes, Ancient Egyptians, Aztecs and Roman used quartz for meditation, healing rituals, spiritual development and magic.
Today, Clear Quartz is thought to be a crystal that brings clarity, energy and power to its wearer. It is said to help bring balance into one's life, aid in manifestation, and help one's creative drive. As well as this, Himalayan Clear Quartz is thought to radiate a calming energy and provide a shield to protect from negativity.

Monarch Opals (also called Sterling Opals) are lab-created Opals that are made by Jim Zachery, creator of the Zachery Process for Turquoise. Monarch Opals have the same composition as natural opal, and there are no dyes used in their creation. This means that the colour in Monarch Opals will never fade over time, unlike natural Opals that can be delicate when exposed to certain chemicals. They are nano-silica grown, making each form differently, with differing light diffraction patterns, much like natural solid opal.
Wearing a piece of Monarch Opal is said to provide many different benefits. It is thought to help with providing emotional help, strengthening the heart, providing aid in decision making and controlling negative emotions like anxiety or anger. It is also thought that Monarch Opals provide rejuvenation and healing, cleansing the mind and body, clearing thought processes, helping with creativity, and increasing energy. It is a stone that stimulates the heart chakra, helping to nurture feelings of love, kindness and joy. As well as aiding with these things, Monarch Opals are also thought to be a symbol of prosperity, bringing wealth and success to those that choose to wear it.

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