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Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik
Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8 - Gem & Tonik

Ruby, Iolite & Moonstone Ring - Size 8

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This handcrafted statement ring features three beautiful stones; a gorgeous violet-coloured Iolite, a stunning dark red natural Ruby, and a stunning Moonstone that has an incredible rainbow flash in the light. The ring setting has been made with a solid sterling silver twisted split-shank ring band, a thick sterling silver hand-sawed backing, fine silver bezel settings around each stone, and molten sterling silver ball accents. It's then been sanded smooth, oxidised in parts for contrast and polished to a high shine. Like all my work, this ring is a completely unique piece made entirely by hand, using recycled silver, cruelty-free materials and environmentally-friendly methods!

I have created this ring in a size 8 (Australian Size P 1/2), but it can also but it can also be taken to any local jeweller to be sized up or down!

Ring Face Length: 25mm approx.
Ring Face Width: 16mm approx.

Viking explorers who ventured far out into the Atlantic Ocean used thin pieces of Iolite as the world's first polarizing filter. Looking through an Iolite lens, they could determine the exact location of the sun and navigate safely to the New World and back. A property called pleochroism is very pronounced in Iolite, producing different colors when the stone is seen through different positions. Overall, Iolite appears as violet-blue or indigo, but in different positions may shift to a yellow-gray or honey color, and even to a clear light blue.
Iolite helps in recovering balance, and is recommended for those suffering from disorientation, lack of motivation, chronic disorganization, and distraction. It is great for helping to solve financial problems, and for those hoping to take more responsibility over their lives.
Iolite is also Iolite a stone of the muses, activating the visionary, creative side of the mind, and accessing thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavors. As well as this, Iolite is considered to be a wonderful gift for travellers, to help ensure that they will eventually safely return home.

Moonstone has been used in Roman jewellery for nearly two thousand years, as the Romans believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon. It has used even longer in the Orient, and has always been a sacred stone in India with a special significance for lovers, and is a traditional wedding gift there. It was a popular choice for jewellers in the Art Nouveau period, and in Europe was believed to reconcile estranged lovers and to cure sleeplessness.
Legendary as 'The Traveller's Stone,' Moonstone is great for protection at night or on the water. It is a great stone to keep during a first love or any new relationship. It helps creativity, confidence and self expression, and helps its wearer be more successful in their day to day working activities. It is also considered to be the ultimate fertility crystal.

Revered in many cultures throughout history, Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. Ancients believed it surpassed all other precious stones in virtue, and its value exceeded even that of the Diamond. The Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was said to have offered an entire city in exchange for just one sizable Ruby.
This exquisite crystal emanates the pure Red ray with a vibrancy unsurpassed in the mineral kingdom. It actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation, and brings a sense of power to the wearer, a self-confidence and determination that overcomes timidity and propels one toward prosperity and achievement. As well as this, Ruby initiates the sensual pleasures of life. It stirs the blood and stimulates the heart, encouraging one to enjoy being in the physical world. It increases desire and sexual energy. Ruby has always been associated with love, especially faithful passionate commitment and closeness. In antiquity Rubies were considered to be perfect wedding stones.

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