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Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik
Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2 - Gem & Tonik

Dry Creek Turquoise & Moonstone Ring - Size 6 1/2

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This handcrafted statement ring a gorgeous piece of pale blue Dry Creek Turquoise, paired with a stunning moonstone that has a gorgeous blue flash in the light. The ring has been made with a solid sterling silver split-shank ring band, a thick sterling silver hand-sawed backing, fine silver bezel settings and a sterling silver trims and accents. The ring has then been sanded, oxidized, and polished to a high shine. Like all my work, it is a completely unique piece made entirely by hand, using recycled silver, cruelty-free materials and environmentally-friendly methods!

I have made this ring in a size 6 1/2 (Australian size M 1/2), but it can also be taken to any local jeweller to be sized up or down!

Total Ring Face Length: 30mm approx.
Total Ring Face Width: 22mm approx.

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man's history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors.
Wearing Turquoise is said to bring strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and good fortune. It is a symbol of friendship, aids wearers while traveling and brings peace to the home.
Dry Creek Turquoise comes from a small Turquoise mine outside of Austin, Nevada in Lander County. It is not treated or colour enhanced and is revered for its light whitish - blue Turquoise color. Dry Creek Turquoise has gained much popularity over the years with its creamy white or pale blue colouring, and golden to cocoa brown matrix. High grade Dry Creek Turquoise has beautiful light brown, golden yellow or orange webbed matrix. Dry Creek Turquoise is also referred to as "Sacred Buffalo" Turquoise.

Moonstone has been used in Roman jewellery for nearly two thousand years, as the Romans believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon. It has used even longer in the Orient, and has always been a sacred stone in India with a special significance for lovers, and is a traditional wedding gift there. It was a popular choice for jewellers in the Art Nouveau period, and in Europe was believed to reconcile estranged lovers and to cure sleeplessness.
Legendary as 'The Traveller's Stone,' Moonstone is great for protection at night or on the water. It is a great stone to keep during a first love or any new relationship. It helps creativity, confidence and self expression, and helps its wearer be more successful in their day to day working activities. It is also considered to be the ultimate fertility crystal.

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