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Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant
Andromeda - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant

'Andromeda' - Sunstone & Moonstone Pendant

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The Andromeda Galaxy is a galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years from Earth, and is the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way. The galaxy's name stems from the area of Earth's sky in which it appears, the constellation of Andromeda, which itself is named after the Ethiopian (or Phoenician) princess who was the wife of Perseus in Greek mythology. The Andromeda Galaxy is known to harbor a dense and compact star cluster at its very center, and is one of the most distant objects in space that can be seen with the naked eye.

This handcrafted statement pendant is a one of a kind piece from my recently launched Moonfire collection, inspired by the beauty and magic of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. It features a two beautiful Sunstones and two gorgeous Moonstones, that all shimmer and sparkle with colour in the light.

The pendant setting has been made with a thick sterling silver hand-sawed backing, sterling silver bails and links, fine silver bezels around each stone, sterling silver trims, and ball accents made from molten sterling silver. The piece is finished with a golden star and crescent moon, both hand carved from recycled molten brass. The setting has then been sanded smooth, oxidised in parts for contrast, polished to a high shine, and strung onto a 72cm adjustable black organic cotton cord. This means that it can be worn as a choker, long layering necklace, or anything in between! Like all my work, it is a completely unique piece made entirely by hand using recycled silver, environmentally-friendly methods and cruelty-free materials!

Total Pendant Length: 72mm approx.
Total Pendant Width: 29mm approx.

Rich in historical significance, Moonstone was admired by the Romans for over 2000 years, as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon.
Legendary as 'The Traveller's Stone,' Moonstone is great for protection at night or on the water. It is a great stone to keep during a first love or any new relationship. It helps creativity, confidence and self expression, and helps its wearer be more successful in their day to day working activities.

Sunstone is a member of the Feldspar family, and is named for its warm shades of gold, orange, reds and browns that sparkle like the sun. Inclusions of Goethite or Hematite refract light between the different crystal layers and produce an iridescent effect as the stone is viewed from various angles. In ancient Greece, Sunstone represented the sun god, bringing life and abundance to all fortunate enough to possess it. It was used often in the ornamentation of goblets and plates, and was believed to counteract poison and produce strength. Sunstone was also used by the Canadian Indians in rituals of the medicine wheel to show spirit guides the connection with the golden white healing light of the sun. During those ceremonies Sunstone was placed in the center of the medicine wheel, and it has been reported that during contact with the spirit guides, the stone emitted a golden glow.
Sunstone is considered to be a gem that brings openness, benevolence, warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. Known as a joyful stone, Sunstone also inspires the nurturing of self in order to be of service to others. It restores the enjoyment of life, good nature and provides a sense of abundance.

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